Streaming Internet Radio BoomBox Report

January Report
Today’s music lovers and casual listeners have more streaming music choices than ever before. With the emergence of a number of services such as Spotify, iHeartradio, Pandora, Slacker, Rdio and others ,we are perhaps witnessing the beginning of a golden age of Internet radio. For this edition of the Myxer BoomBox Report we surveyed 1,188 Myxer mobile users to better understand their views and behaviors when it comes to Internet radio.

Of the 1,188 mobile visitors to surveyed, 36% responded that they regularly listen to more than one Internet radio service. Of that group, 26% said they listen regularly to 2-5 services, while 10% listen to more than 5 different Internet radio services on a regular basis.

When we asked what is the most important feature for an Internet radio service 63% chose free music as their response.

We also took a look at the social features users are interested in within an Interne Radio service. When asked about having the ability to chat with friends while listening together, a large percent (78%) said they would chat at least sometimes with 45% saying that they would chat all the time.

When it comes to Internet radio, our respondents seem to favor free services and they are interested in engaging socially along with their listening.

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