January 2010: Android Handset Mix

January Report

When it comes down to which operating system is the platform of choice by users in a particular region or state— the results might just surprise you. Despite the large volume of downloads Myxer sees from users on the Android platform, iPhone still dominates states across the country when it comes to number of registered users on Myxer.

User Concentration by State — iPhone/Android
Myxer Platform – January 2010

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The number of registered users on the Android operating system has surpassed iPhone users in eight states, with seven of them coming from West and Midwest states including: Arizona, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. We are particularly excited to track the trending growth of Android, and to that end, we will publish this map quarterly in order to see which states, and regions, turn Android over the course of 2010.

Also in this month’s installment of the BoomBox Report, we’ll be doing our best Jacques Cousteau (of sorts), free-diving into the digital depths, and exploring the taxonomy of Android handsets. We’ll be reporting back on an interesting variety of data points from across the range of all Android devices seen by Myxer. Through examining user preferences, such as: gender mix, age breakdown, and average monthly downloads per user, we believe we’ll attain a better understanding of not only the overall Android operating system, but also the individual phones which operate on the platform.

Some highlights from this month’s report include:

  • Motorola DROID handsets were the most diverse in terms on downloading different genre types, consuming 64% of their content from the Rock, Comedy, Pop, Country, and Other categories.
  • On every Android handset seen by Myxer the average woman downloads more mobile entertainment than average man.
  • Google’s Nexus One is the manliest of the Android Handsets. 75% of registered Myxer users with the Nexus One phone are Male.

To get more detailed information download Myxer’s comprehensive Android Handset Mix Report:

January Report
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19 Responses to “January 2010: Android Handset Mix”

  1. holycalamity says:

    Interesting stuff, but this type of visual lends itself to the same fallacy to the red/blue election maps, as in, you’re using landmass to represent people.

    It’s interesting, but not surprising or especially meaningful that Android has overtaken iPhone OS in the least densely populated part of the country. So for relatively sparsely populated states like the Dakotas, even a small difference can turn it solid green or blue. The only real surprises are states with large urban centers, Maryland and Arizona (where Android is up by 13k users).

    Given the cluster of green and gray states, I’m guessing the choice between Adroid and iPhone OS has as much to do with availability as it does with preference of one platform over the other?

  2. PXLated says:

    Not surprised that Android beats iPhone in South Dakota, no native AT&T service there – That’s supposed to change here shortly so it will be interesting to see what happens then. Know of one big healthcare system that serves both Dakotas is switching over to iPhones as soon as the service is available.

  3. Kelly says:

    Great graph with a little digging you might even figure out that Android use in the rocky mountain states is only due to the non availability a usable at&t network capable of supporting the iphone. To imply choice to an area that has none kinda blows the whole point of your thesis

  4. weaverl says:

    Are these simply the bottom feeder states?

  5. George Slusher says:

    “Arizona, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.”

    Let’s look at the POPULATION of those states:

    AZ 6,596K
    MT 974K
    NE 1,796K
    NM 2,010K
    ND 647K
    SD 812K
    WY 544K

    Not exactly LARGE, are they? There are cities with more people than those states. Leaving out Arizona, they total to 6.8M, less than the population of the NY, LA, or Chicago metro areas. Of the 366 metropolitan statistical areas in the US, 28 are larger than NM, 31 larger than NE, 52 larger than MT, 61 larger than SD, 79 larger than ND, and 91 are larger than WY. (IOW, 1 out of 5 MSAs are larger than the entire state of Wyoming.)

    The only fairly large states in the Android column are Arizona (6.6M) and Maryland (5.7M).

    Also, in most of the green states, Android is ahead by 1-2K. Arizona @ 13k is the exception. OTOH, the iPhone is ahead by as much as 37-38K in CA & TX–and even 33K in LA.

    IOW, it’s not even close, despite Android phones coming from several manufacturers and being sold by most networks.

  6. Dennis says:

    Would you happen to have/know the current percentage of users of the 3 variations of iPhones (2G, 3G, 3GS)?

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  9. Jeff says:

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